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Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2"


Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2", 55mm diameter, 200mm focal length (f3.6), 6 elements fluorite apochromat, aluminum tube with ESATTO 2" focuser, rear thread for camera connection, PLUS support rings.

Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" offers optical power, mechanical quality and design features at the highest levels, all in the most compact and easy to transport telescope. It's the perfect instrument even for travel. Thanks to 6 elements fluorite optics with field flattener, it's the best for wide field deep-sky astrophotography!


6 elements fluorite apochromatic refractor, 55mm f3.6.

Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" has 6-element fluorite optical design that generates images without false colors, contrasted and rich in details. Optimal back focus is 60mm from M57x0.75 female thread on the back of the focuser. The short focal length (200mm) and the fast focal ratio (3.6) make it ideal for shooting wide field extended objects.



Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2



ESATTO 2" robotic focuser

Often refractors are provided with focusers suitable only for visual use but not for imaging. In fact, during long exposures required in deep-sky astrophotography, you have to keep the sensor perfectly in the focus point avoiding focuser that moves camera sensor out of focus. For this reason Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 comes with ESATTO 2" microfocuser that offers high load capacity and great focusing precision! The focuser has a rear M57 thread to connect cameras by adding the proper photographic adapter.


Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2

Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" with the following optional accessories: 240mm PLUS Vixen type dovetail bar installed below the telescope, EAGLE CORE with CompactGuide 60mm guide scope above the telescope.



PLUS support rings, already compatible with EAGLE:

Forget about the uncomfortable and weak support rings that are often found in cheap telescopes! Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" comes with our PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) rings, aluminum, made with high precision CNC machines. This gives you maximum freedom in connecting other mechanical accessories (dovetail plates, guide rings, dovetail clamps) always with simple M6 screws and with 2 screws for every element (to avoid flexures). This way you can also connect the EAGLE directory on the telescope creating a fantastic system for astrophotography that does not require external computers control all your system!



Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2



The most compact and lightweight astrograph

Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" microfocuser is the most compact astrograph ever! When the focuser drawtube is extracted to reach focus position, this telescope is only 20cm long so it's really easy to transport. And thanks to a weight of only 2 kg, the Borg 55FL f3.6 with ESATTO 2" is the perfect companion for your travel astrophotography!

Hard/soft case
Support rings
Diameter (mm)
Optical Tube
Focal Length (mm)
Apocromatico a 6 elementi
1,5 Kg
Eyepiece holder
Focal Ratio
Optical Design
Field flattener/corrector
Incluso e rimovibile
Tube diameter


2 Reviews

The telescope I should have started with
The Field of View is magnificent, which is great for the many faint and extended nebulosity and molecular clouds, particularly but not limited to the Milky Way. Conversely the magnification is small, which is pleasantly forgiving on tracking with poorer seeings, small misalignments and mild breezes.

Perfect for my ad hoc sessions ’on the road’. I use mine with a QHY268c (fitted with a Baader UFC and extensions to complete the exact back-focus) and a small guider camera on a Finder/Guider scope. Esatto is great for focusing.

With larger astrographs, even after many years of practice, one might have to throw away up to 50% of the images (sub-frames) or more due to whatever minute errors that occurs as small shifts in tracking. But with the Borg55FL even a newcomer to astrophotography may learn the tricks during a single season and get to keep up to 80-90% of the frames (I prefer 3-5mins).

Drive out, setup, and quickly take spectacularly wide field, ins
This scope
- is the only truly on-the-road companion I ever had - fits easily in the car for a drive out to darker skies, fastest to set up
- is most forgiving in errors that normally ruins images - polar alignment, tracking, focus, wind, seeing, and the shaking of ground as someone walks nearby
- is the scope of choice to photograph the many targets that are too wide, dim, and diffuse to observe with bigger telescopes
- is ideal to start out in astrophotography because one is quickly skilled enough to have almost every image subframe a success
- and works very well with the QHY268c as that camera utilizes the scope’s size of flat field almost perfectly.

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