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How to use ECCO-NTC adapter to automate control of Dew Heater Rings with EAGLE computer and ECCO environmental controller
How to use ECCO-NTC adapter to automate control of Dew Heater Rings with EAGLE computer and ECCO environmental controllerSC, EdgeHD and RASA telescopes come with a closed tube and a front corrector plate that provide many advantages also for astrophotography. But this needs to be protected against dew in particular environmental conditions. By connecting Dew Heater Ring (also with Aluminum Dew Shield) to the EAGLE computer and by using the ECCO2 controller with ECCO-NTC adapter, you can create the best dew prevention solution for SC, EdgeHD and RASA telescopes and automate power provided to Dew Heater Ring based on real time dew point monitoring.
Installing EAGLE onto your telescope
Installing EAGLE onto your telescopeEAGLE has been specifically designed to be installed onto telescopes thanks to the PLUS aluminum chassis that offers many threaded holes on both top and bottom side. This way you can connect it to any telescope, no matter the telescope design and dimensions, by using the PLUS elements (rings, dovetail plates or clamps). You can install the EAGLE between support and guide rings, connected to a Vixen or Losmandy style dovetail bar through the appropriate optional clamp, you can install it below support rings of compact telescopes, in parallel of SC type telescopes, and much more! Let’s explore the various possible configurations, depending on the telescope EAGLE has to be installed on, using both other PLUS elements and different instruments.
How to install a telescope above the EAGLE
How to install a telescope above the EAGLEOne of the many advantages of the EAGLE computer is that it comes with a special aluminum PLUS case with many threaded holes and high structural rigidity to let you easily connect it to your telescope. One of the best way to connect the EAGLE to telescopes, if you have a compact refractor or astrograph with weight not higher than 8 kg (17.6 pounds), is to install it between support rings and dovetail bar, this way creating a great setup for your astrophotography. In this article we describe how to install a telescope above the EAGLE, by connecting it to PLUS support rings and PLUS dovetail bar.