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PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY...

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PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software


PLAY is the astrophotography software developed by PrimaLuceLab in order to record beautiful pictures of the night sky in the simpler way and with the telescope you prefer! PLAY includes many features needed for astrophotography like focuser control to perfectly focus you image, mount control for alignment and pointing of many objects, camera control to preview image or to record even a sequence and rotator control to rotate your camera and/or de-rotate field of view.

PLAY allows you to configurate your telescope by selecting OTA, EQ or Alt-AZ mount (among the supported ones), astronomy camera provided with ASCOM drivers, ESATTO focuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor, ARCO rotator and GIOTTO flat field generator. 

In order to use PLAY you have to have at least ESATTO focuser, SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor or GIOTTO flat field generator. PLAY is free and you can can download it from the DOWNLOAD section of our website!


Discover PLAY, the Prima Luce AstrophotographY software.

PLAY is the software for Windows 10/11 and EAGLE computers that PrimaLuceLab developed in order to provide the easiest solution for astrophotography with telescope, camera and other accessories you want to use in your setup. PLAY is not a replacement for great automation astrophotography softwares like Sequence Generator Pro, NINA, Voyager, MaximDL, Prism and others that provide the most advanced features but that are designed for experts. PLAY is the straightforward way for advanced astrophotography allowing you to record great pictures of galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, planets, Moon and Sun without complexity!



PLAY 1.3 Prima Luce AstrophotographY software - main features:

- Connect to PrimaLuceLab devices
- Connect to ASCOM mounts (equatorial)
- Connect to supported Alt-Azi mounts (SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6)
- Connect to ASCOM cameras
- FOCUS tab to control SESTO SENSO 2 or ESATTO focusing solutions
- TARGET tab to control mount and rotate ARCO
- CALIBRATE tab to control GIOTTO flat field generator and capture calibration files
- PREVIEW tab to view real time picture, set capture settings and capture images





The all-in-one and easy to use platform for your astrophotography.

Instead of requiring you to use many different softwares to control all your devices or a complicated software to make it all work together, PLAY offers an easy to use interface that simplify the capture process of astrophotography images. PLAY offers many features like focus control, mount alignment and goto, target preview, camera rotation, and much more!



 PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software



As an industry first, automated deep-sky astrophotography with Alt-Az mounts and ARCO rotator.

Not only PLAY allows you to control EQ mounts through their ASCOM driver but it also automates Alt-Az deep-sky astrophotography by taking control of selected Alt-Az mounts (actually tested with SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6) and using ARCO rotator as high resolution field de-rotator! This opens new possibilities in deep-sky objects astrophotography since an Alt-Az mount doesn’t require polar alignment, is not limited by the meridian flip and allows to install multiple parallel telescopes and removing counterweights!



PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software: astrophotography with alt-azi mounts



Astronomy camera control to preview image and capture a sequence.

Not only PLAY allows you to connect to PrimaLuceLab devices, but you can also control astronomy cameras provided with ASCOM drivers (compatible with ASCOM platform at least 6.5 version). This way you can decide your acquisition settings, preview the image, stretch the histogram and capture a sequence of images that you can later stack with a dedicated astrophotography processing software.





Take control of your preferred telescope and accessories for astrophotography.

PLAY allows you to configurate your telescope by selecting OTA and mount type by connecting to ASCOM drivers (tested with ASCOM platform 6.5 and later). In order to use PLAY you have to have at least ESATTO focuser, SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor or GIOTTO flat field generator and it natively supports ARCO rotator! And if you install PLAY in the EAGLE computer, it automatically adds more advanced features!



 PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software: mount configuration



PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software: questions and answers.

Q: What PLAY features are available in latest PLAY 1.3?
A: PLAY 1.3 includes the configurator with ASCOM interface, ESATTO and SESTO SENSO 2 support (with ARCO integration), EQ and Alt-Az mounts support with alignment and target pointing, astronomy camera control and GIOTTO flat field generator control.

Q: How much does PLAY cost?
A: PLAY is free.

Q: Does PLAY work only with the EAGLE computer?
A: PLAY is designed for Windows (tested and developed with Windows 10/11 64bit) so you can install it also in standard computers, not only in the EAGLEs.

Q: Can I use my third party focuser or rotator with PLAY? Can I use PLAY without ESATTO, SESTO SENSO 2 or GIOTTO?
A: No, PLAY doesn’t support third party focusers or rotators and it requires the use of ESATTO focuser, SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor or GIOTTO flat field generator.

Q: What Alt-Az mounts can I use for Alt-Az astrophotography with PLAY?
A: Alt-Az deep-sky astrophotography feature in PLAY has been developed for tested with SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6 mounts and it requires the use of the ARCO rotator.

Q: Does PLAY replace astrophotography automation softwares?
A: Astrophotography automation suites offer more advanced features and are designed for expert users. PLAY offers an easier solution for beginners or for astronomers searching for an easier way for astrophotography.

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