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Celestron EdgeHD 14" with Losmandy...

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Celestron EdgeHD 14" with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2"


Celestron EdgeHD 14" with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2" is a great aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that offers observatory class performance! Thanks to large 355mm diameter and quality of EdgeHD optics, it's perfect for any applications, visual use to astrophotography.

Composed of

ESATTO 2" robotic focuser
Celestron EdgeHD 1400 with Losmandy bar


Celestron EdgeHD 14" with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2": main features

Celestron EdgeHD 14" is an aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with very large diameter. Is the largest in the Edge HD series, dedicated to the most demanding users that are looking for a very bright instrument and optically corrected in all its aspects. For this telescope we suggest a high load capacity mount, especially for those who want to use it in astrophotography. If you are looking for a permanent instrument the EdgeHD 14" is the telescope for you. 3 years of warranty on the optical tube!

  • Celestron EdgeHD 14" with Losmandy bar is a D:355mm F:3910mm f/11 aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • ESATTO is the most advanced and affordable robotic microfocuser

Celestron EdgeHD 14 with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2



ESATTO: the most advanced and affordable robotic microfocuser!

Celestron EdgeHD 14" telescope has an internal focuser without micrometric focus and that generates image shift, the movement of the image during focusing. This special version of the Celestron EdgeHD 14" adds ESATTO 2", the new generation robotic focuser that you control by any Windows computer by connecting it to a USB port, or via WiFi by using ESATTO app on your smartphone or tablet with the Virtual HandPad! The 2” version of the ESATTO 2" has a depth of 67mm, it has 15mm of focuser tube travel, a 5kg payload capacity and an incredible resolution of 0,04 micron per step (and this is why we call it ESATTO)! And you can also expand ESATTO features by adding the ARCO robotic camera rotator! EdgeHD telescopes are equipped with two primary mirror lock knobs: thanks to the ESATTO you can lock the primary mirror (this way you avoid any mirror shift) but you can always focus the telescope.




Long backfocus to connect cameras and astrophotography accessories.

Celestron EdgeHD 14" has a long backfocus, 146mm from the 3,3" SC thread on the back of the telescope. ESATTO 2" is 67mm thick and the adapter to connect it to the telescope is 2mm then you still have 77mm that are more than enough to connect cameras also with accessories for astrophotography (like off axis guiders or filter wheels). These values are still the same if you use the 0,7x focal reducer for EdgeHD that is threaded on the telescope rear side before the ESATTO.

Celestron EdgeHD 14 with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2

- ESATTO 2" robotic microfocuser

- Adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with large 3.3" SC thread

- 50,8mm and 31,8mm visual back

- Luminos 23mm 170x eyepiece (diameter 50,8mm)

- Mirror diagonal 90° (diameter 50,8mm)

- View-finder 9x50

- Dovetail bar Losmandy type


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