T2-50,8mm photographic adapter

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T2-50,8mm photographic adapter


The T2-50,8mm photographic adapter connects to all cameras and accessories with female T2 (M42x0,75) thread so you can insert camera into 50.8mm visual back. On the telescope side it has a 48mm thread to allow you to screw any 50.8mm diameter filter.

Built entirely of metal and fitted with black anodizing, it has 39mm free aperture so it does not create any vignetting even with cameras equipped with large sensors.

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The T2-50,8mm photographic adapter can be used to connect the various cameras to telescopes. If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, remove the lens and connect a T2 ring to the camera, then connect this adapter.

T2-50,8mm photographic adapter

If you are using a CCD camera (which usually already has a front T2 female thread), this T2-50,8mm photo adapter can be screwed directly on the camera body.


T2-50,8mm photographic adapter


In both cases, you can use the camera with any 50.8 mm focuser and screw in front of the adapter any 50.8mm diameter filter (such as a filter to reduce light pollution). 

This adapter can also be used to connect to the focusers other accessories such as filter wheels or off axis guiders.

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