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Adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with...

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Adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with SC thread

Thanks to its low profile, the ESATTO 2" is the perfect motorized focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes like the 8” and 9.25” Celestron SCT and EdgeHD 800 models. By adding the SC adapter, you can thread the ESATTO 2" focuser directly onto the back of these telescopes, and use the ESATTO to achieve more precise focus, avoiding focus shift and mirror flop by leaving the primary mirror locked (if locks are available). The low profile of the ESATTO leaves you enough back focus to use the the EdgeHD or other SC threaded focal reducers.
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Thanks to the adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with SC thread you can connect the ESATTO 2" to SC telescopes like the Celestron, C6, C8, C9.25 and EdgeHD800. In the picture below, Celestron C9.25 telescope with ESATTO 2" focuser and EAGLE control unit, installed in parallel to the main OTA. Since this adapter fits into ESATTO 2" body, it doesn't add optical length to the ESATTO 2" that will keep its 67mm thickness.

Adapter ESATTO 2 for telescopes with SC thread

After ESATTO you can connect the adapter for SC thread PL3600225 to connect accessories with SC thread to ESATTO (for example the focal reducer for SC telescopes) or the 2" visual back PL8410001 to connect cameras or accessories with 2" adapter.


Adapter ESATTO 2 for telescopes with SC thread

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