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Celestron C8 computerized telescope...

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Celestron C8 computerized telescope with EQ6-R and EAGLE


Celestron C8 with EQ6-R and EAGLE is the 203mm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, with computerized equatorial mount and EAGLE that allows you to power, remotely control and install any camera or astrophotography accessory! A compact telescope, very good for visual use and planetary astrophotography!

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Composed of

ESATTO 2" robotic focuser
Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Losmandy type
SkyWatcher EQ6-R SynScan mount


Celestron C8 with EQ6-R and EAGLE complete telescope offers the best technologies to allow you to make astrophotography with any camera or accessory:

- Celestron C8, 203mm diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, f/10

- computerized SkyWatcher EQ6-R mount that allows automatic goto and tracking of the objects in the sky

- EAGLE control unit to remotely control the entire telescope with WiFi from any device (smartphone, tablet o computer)

- ESATTO robotic microfocuser to perfectly focus the telescope

Celestron C8 computerized telescope with EQ6-R and EAGLE


Our complete telescopes are designed to offer secure and reliable systems, perfect for astrophotography. In fact, we test all our products to offer integrated solutions that, if you want, you can further enhance and customize.


Celestron C8 computerized telescope with EQ6-R and EAGLE

Thanks to EAGLE, you can power more easily (even with a smaller battery) and remotely control the entire telescope, through a convenient WiFi connection! EAGLE uses Windows operating system so you can install any device that comes with Windows drivers and any Windows software for astrophotography (such as Sequence Generator Pro, TheSkyX, PHD Guiding, MaximDL, etc.). This way you can control all your devices, remotely switch them on or off, control dew heaters (even automatically if you add the ECCO environmental module). All with the software you prefer and from any external device with WiFi (such as a computer - both desktop and laptop - a tablet or a smartphone): just connect to the WiFi network created by EAGLE!

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