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Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8...

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Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8 with ESATTO 4"


Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8, with the tree-lens field flattener and two aspherical elements, is the real masterpiece of this telescope. Diffraction-limited over a wide and flat field, the RiFast design will push any camera to its limits... and will do it FAST! The extraordinary f/3.8 ratio allows a higher productivity per night, a significant factor for surveys, SN search, asteroid control, and many other fields of modern astronomy. Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8 comes with ESATTO 4" robotic microfocuser: thanks to the high back focus extraction, backfocus is 145mm from the focuser and this allows you to install any camera also with off-axis guider, filter wheel, and even adaptive optics. The "wooden crate for 500" is mandatory for delivery.

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Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8


Central obstruction is 55%, but still smaller than similar designs, that simply can't compete under any point of view. The visual contrast is very good, thanks also to the special ultra-dark paints we use. The corrector group is very close to the focal plane, so chromatic aberration is undetectable. Fully corrected and illuminated field is 80mm and backfocus extraction is 145mm.


Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8 with ESATTO 4" - scope of delivery:

- Officina Stellare RiFast 500 f3.8

- ESATTO 4" robotic microfocuser

- Adapter ESATTO 4" for Officina Stellare ProRC, RiDK, RiFAst

- TC-01 electronic

- 2 Losmandy bars (one bottom and one top)

Hard/soft case
Support rings
Diameter (mm)
Optical Tube
Focal Length (mm)
Eyepiece holder
Focal Ratio
Optical Design
Catadioptric with corrector
Field flattener/corrector
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