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12V AC adapter for EAGLE CORE - 5A

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12V AC adapter for EAGLE CORE - 5A


If you want to power EAGLE CORE (that can power other connected devices) and use it from a fixed station such as an observatory, you can connect it to an AC adapter power supply. This 12V power supply comes with a screw connector for EAGLE CORE on one side and a plug for the socket on the other (compatible with 100 to 240V).

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Let's see an example, considering maximum power consumption for every element connected and powered through the EAGLE CORE:

- EAGLE CORE: maximum power consumption 0.5A (average power consumption: 0.3A)
- DSLR or mirrorless camera: power consumption 0 (powered from internal battery of the camera)
- SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan mount: maximum power consumption 3A (average power consumption: 1A)
- Guide camera: QHY5L-II mono: power consumption 0 (powered from EAGLE USB port

Total maximum power consumption is 3.5A so the 12V 5A power unit is perfect for this astrophotography setup.

Please note: the 12V 5A AC adapter is not the power unit we suggest for the use with EAGLE2/EAGLE3/EAGLE4. For these units we suggest the use of the 12,8V 14A AC adapter.

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